Bring your lubrication and fluid management up to High Tech standards

High Tech machining demands High Tech solutions for lubrication and management of oils, greases and metalworking fluids bringing 24/7 production and ultra low unplanned machine downtime within reach to all machine shops.
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About us

OpEx is committed to develop high-tech products and services in order to gain insights for manufacturing companies to optimize lubrication and maintenance results.

Unlock the power of automated and data-driven fluid management



Automated monitoring of key metalworking fluid parameters


Automated level control and topping up of metalworking fluids
OpExmaint software

OpExmaint software

Full lubrication planning, -management and -analysis
Monitoring as-a-service

Monitoring services

Specialist monitoring and support for fluids and lubrication

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Our partners

At the moment OpEX’ products and services are only available in The Netherlands through our dealer KSM bv. Are you from outside The Netherlands and looking for information about our products and services, or are you interested to become a dealer, Please contact us.